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Large format 3D printing with life like quality and textured, tactile finishes


Print Quality

Our 3D printer can print high-resolution graphics, up to 1440dpi, directly onto large and wide formats. Combining this technology with our experienced and qualified design team, results in uncompromised quality and finishes.

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Large Format Printing

Cutting edge technology allows us to print directly on to multiple or single pieces as large as 3.7m by 1.86m, up to an amazing 100mm thick. Whether it’s wide format printing or large canvasses, Maxprint can help.

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3D Texture

Our specialist design team can bring life to any surface by adding tactile 3D texture such as wood grain or brushstrokes. Adding a new dimension to the finished product.

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Maxprint can print directly on to most material. Fantastic results can be achieved on perspex, glass, MDF, melamine, aluminium, steel, plastics and canvas.

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Put Maxprint to the challenge for your next specialist printing project!

Maxprint brings a whole new aspect to specialist printing with their 3D printer. The capabilities and methods used are unique and rare to find elsewhere in Australia.

The sophisticated equipment takes printing to a different level. We have the technology capable of large format printing 3.7m by 1.86m, high-resolution graphics up to 1440dpi onto wood, glass, plastic, ceramic and aluminium.  Innovation combined with the right materials can suddenly breathe a brand new lease of life into your commercial environment.

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